Wellhead control panels advice

An up to date specification of a wellhead control panel is very important for your projects.
Modifications, claims for extra work and delays in delivery need to be avoided.

When you are not in the possession of suitable specifications and drawings, Uil Advisors can provide these. Documents detailing a wellhead control panel can be downloaded immediately from our shop.

Instead of repeating generic information in each and every specification, our documents are split-up in multiple individual documents. By doing so, we have ensured that our specifications are to the point and easily accessible.

Wellhead Control Panel Definition

The wellhead control panel is a hydraulic pressure system driven unit. It is an essential safety and control system for oil- and gas production wells. The controls can be fully or partially controlled from the safeguarding and / or DCS system. The wellhead control panel is located near the well-bay area. The main function for the wellhead control panel is to provide the hydraulic pressure for the wing valves, master valves, sub surface safety valves and in- and outgoing pipeline shutdown valves. The assemblies are built up in a modular way, so they can be inserted when future wells or equipment is required to be installed. The wellhead control panel features all the gauges, meters and controller units required to safely control and safeguard the production process at the well(s).

The wellhead control panel specification

The wellhead control panel specification clearly describes the following components:
  • A wellhead panel for a well control module (with retractable drawers), complete with a fully fitted control module and spare spaces for potential future well modules
  • Wire-line over ride operation connections
  • Supports for equipment as described above
  • Separate hydraulic supply systems for sub-surface safety valves and for master & wing valves, emergency shutdown valves and blow down valves
  • Hydraulic reservoirs for HP and MP systems
  • Nitrogen pre-charged accumulators for both high pressure (HP) and medium pressure (MP) hydraulic supply systems
  • Hydraulic outputs and return ports for supply of the emergency blow down ( EBD ) valves, emergency shut down valves ( ESD )  and remote operated valves ( ROV’s ) from the hydraulic header
  • HP hydraulic pressure pump, including controls
  • MP hydraulic pressure pump, including controls
  • Centralized junction boxes for safeguarding, control, lighting and power cables
  • Hydraulic & electric and instrumentation control equipment
  • Electrical equipment (e.g. electric motors, heaters, main switches, control switches, heater switches etc.)
  • Instrumentation equipment (e.g. pressure transmitters / switches, level transmitters / switches, solenoids, valves, actuators, gauges, indicators, tubing, couplings, fittings etc.)
  • Hydraulic oil
  • On-skid cabling
  • Lighting
  • Cable glands and/or multi cable transits (MCTs)
  • Stainless steel 316L cable ducts
  • Tag plates (text plates)
  • Consumables i.e. electrical insulation materials, bolts and nuts, clamps, clips, tie-raps, wire markers, cable lugs, etc


The wellhead control panel documents provided in the Uil Advisors shop are, as our other documentation, highly detailed. One of the prime advantages of our specifications is that they don’t simply refer to standards or vendor standard equipment. A detailed description of interfaces with several other parts of the complete installation is also explicitly described. The wellhead control panel specification refers to documents, which are available in the Uil Advisors shop as well. Together with these referenced documents, our WHCP specification provides clear requirements to which the vendor/manufacturer has to comply. The problem with most specifications is that they are far too generic, often resulting in problems and therefore high(er) costs during the project execution.

Standards / Laws and Regulations

In order to comply with current laws and regulations, the specification clearly defines the requirements for the equipment as per applicable NEN-EN-IEC 60079 standards.

By choosing to download Uil Advisors wellhead control panel documentation, you will ensure yourself of a customized WHCP that is in compliance with all rules and regulations. Our WHCP specification refers to European standards and laws, for other continents you will have to adjust the applicable references.


Operation of the wellhead control panel designs can take place in various ways. They are designed to have the option to be operated on the WHCP itself, with a possibility to switch to remote control. The latter specifically means that the wellhead control panel can be accessed from an operator station. The WHCP specification describes the exact operation of the wellhead control panel.

Referenced documents

In order to be able to provide complete information for the wellhead control panel design, reference documents are detailed below. The reference documents that apply to the wellhead control panel (PROJ-IN-SP-005) are the following:
  • PROJ-IN-DR-062
    • Wellhead control panel block diagram
  • PROJ-GEN-SP-001
    • Specification for general information and requirements
  • PROJ-GEN-LI-010
    • List of applicable laws, regulations, codes, standards and authorities
  • PROJ-EI-SP-002

o    Specification for electrical & instrumentation requirements on packaged units

        • PROJ-EI-LI-005

o    List of installation materials

        • PROJ-EL-SP-005

o    Specification for low voltage electrical motors

        • STD-EL-LI-LV LOAD

o    Load schedule

        • FAT-EI-CHK-NEN1010-6

o    Inspection test reports

        • PROJ-EI-SP-003

o    General drawing & drafting specification