Data Sheets for instrumentation, electrical and mechanical equipment

A data sheet describes and summarizes the technical requirements, characteristics, performance, materials, individual parts and components for a certain piece of equipment. The Uil Advisors data sheets are very specific per subject, which leads up to acquiring the exact product that you require. Specific electrical, instrumentation, mechanical and process equipment require supporting data sheets to define this requirements. For the data sheets, the number of sheets depend on the complexity of the equipment described. The exact number of sheets per item can be checked in the web shop.

Depending on the type of equipment it describes:

  • The general requirements
  • The hazardous area data
  • The service conditions
  • The process design data
  • The applicable components and its Tag number(s)
  • The details required per component
  • The accessories
  • The inspection requirements
  • The documentation / certification requirements


The layout of the data sheets is clearly divided into various columns. Your engineer(s) or (sub) Contractor only have to add the specific requirements per item. It is also possible to let the Vendor or manufacturer complete the data sheet, so you can check if it meets your requirements.

The Vendor and / or manufacturer can then check the requirements, raise questions if applicable and prepare his commercial bid or deliver the requested component or piece of equipment. Having detailed and completed data sheets will also be beneficial in case equipment requires replacement during the life time of the equipment.