Introduction of Uil Advisors B.V.

Uil Advisors was started September 17, 2008 and changed into Uil Advisors B.V. on December 31, 2008. Its main activities, technical advice for electrical, instrumentation and systems used for on- and offshore installations mainly in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.
In January 2011 the website was launched to sell native format detailed technical engineering documents.
More then 25 years of experience in designing, engineering, modifying, commissioning and testing of equipment and packaged units for manned- & unmanned offshore oil & gas production platforms is used to prepare the various documents. The documents have been changed and updated to become a solid basis for the equipment and products to be build by the various vendors and construction yards, to reduce possible claims for additional costs and receive the required non material requirements, during the various stages of the projects.
The photo gallery shows a selection of the various projects executed during the years.
The past, present time and the future are all very important issues for the installations and equipment related to engineering, procurement and construction of equipment or installations. The documents shown in the Uil Advisors SHOP can guide / help / assist you to solve these (possible) “problems”.

The past

We know by experience that equipment, products, vendors, engineering standards or design have proven themselves. The contracts for engineering and construction of (offshore) installations based on a reimbursable contracts with series of payments based on man hours made, materials & equipment used with pre-defined unit rates.

Present time

Is the conventional way still applicable, the best solution, possible or in accordance with the new rules and regulations? Do we need to remove or replace the installations and equipment from the past.

Is the installation and equipment suitable for future use?

The contracts for engineering and construction of (offshore) installations is mainly based on EPIC or EPC (Engineering, Procurement, [Installation] and Construction) contracts.

An agreement where a purchasing company pays for a complete project (fixed price) and does not require a breakdown of every cost or item from the contractor.

The quality of the contract and documents issued as part of the contract describe and define the outcome of the “project”.

The future

We can’t predict the future but on the basis of good engineering practice, best available technology and good workmanship it should not be a problem.