Engineering documents and engineering specifications

Most Contracts, specifications and other engineering and design documents don’t cover and specify the Company requirements for equipment, installations or projects.

As a result, time delay, modifications, additional work, correction work or incorrectly delivered equipment.

The documents in our shop are modified and updated during the years and used for the engineering and construction of many manned and not normally manned offshore production platforms, based on good engineering practice, experience and prepared to deal with EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Contracts.

The documents clearly define the requirements from the Tender phase of the project and execution of the work till the final installation, including documentation, services and tests required.

Let our documents be a solid basis for the start of your projects.

Engineering documents and advice.

Laws, regulations, codes and standards (and referred to in the specifications) sometimes use text that is not mandatory, have many deviations, is not 100% clear nor describe the required details.

Laws, regulations, codes and standards are updated time after time after the introduction of ATEX and the combination of NEN-EN-IEC documents to become an “if possible” worldwide standard.

We can’t expect everybody (vendors, contractors, staff members) to know the various documents and updates by heart.

So, why not describe and / or prepare before the tender phase will take place:

  • The Company specifications, CTR's (Cost Time Resources), data sheets, standards and requirements in detailed engineering documents
  • The layout of documents and drawings to be used during the project execution phase
  • The drafting requirements for all disciplines (symbols, line colours, line types, text styles, layers, set-up, etc)
  • Work practices on how documents, drawings and equipment are required to be numbered, and tag numbers & cable numbers can be generated
  • Company standard drawings (typical drawings, hook-ups, block diagrams, schematics, connection diagrams, loop diagrams etc,)
  • Commissioning & test sheets
  • Preferred vendor and equipment lists to standardize the equipment and materials to be used

Use and issue these documents and drawings as part of the Contact in the Tender phase of the project.